I make installations. My interests lie at the intersection of art, architecture, history, and science. The converging ideas direct the choice of materials and processes. Working closely with experts and becoming proficient at new techniques and materials is inherent to each project.

Living in a home where art and science are passions and lifestyles, I have been immersed in both worlds for many years. I'm astounded by the parallel questions, observations, and discoveries made by artists and scientists, yet the contrasting mental framework each works within challenges me. I'm interested in questions that resonate for the different disciplines and spark inventive curiosity.

Creating an aesthetic arena for dissimilar sensibilities, I use "unintended art spaces" as the physical and conceptual infrastructures for the installation projects: a F.W. Woolworth storefront window, a small row house, the concrete structure of a highway overpass, an abandoned Victorian house, the entryway corridor of a nanomedicine research facility, a 17th C Italian cantina used for wine and olive oil making, a historic clock tower, the upper limbs of pecan trees and sometimes, the traditional “white cube.” I respond to the architectural structure, its evolving history researched through books and written material, and the anthropological layering and connection to the location. Constructing and exhibiting in nontraditional spaces exemplifies the challenges and achievements of finding diverse audiences and creating new dialogues.

Jo Ann Fleischhauer 2015